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Start as an entrepreneur #4


No entrepreneurs really wants to have a side hustle but you still have to survive before seeing you dreams come true so yeah side hustle. Side hustle are generally a little job that you do on the side to increase your overall revenue it can be consulting, UBER after work or dealing weed(I mean who knows???) in facts everything that make you money aside of your full time job is a side hustle. For entrepreneurs is quite the opposite entrepreneurs have a side hustle generally to raise money for their real project and to survive or whatever(generally at the stage where an entrepreneur need a side hustle his business hasn’t takeoff yet or is not generating enough). An entrepreneur side hustle has to be really flexible in order to have time for his real business. This are some side hustle for entrepreneurs

- Freelancing

Freelancer or independent contractor is basically a person who self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long term. The main difference between those two is that a freelancer generate mostly active income and an entrepreneur generate mostly passive income (if you don’t know what is passive income and what is active income go see my post on different types of incomes). Freelancing is a great sides hustle because it’s very flexible you only takes the work that fits you the best and that you can manage. Beside that it helps you acquire experience and sharpened your skills

- Consulting

Consulting is giving advise to people working in a specific field it can be marketing, data analytics or anything else. A company call you or you reach to them to give them a certain guideline or help them with a field that is fuzzy for them you can make really good money of that and like freelancing it helps you sharpened your skills

- A regular jobs

Yea I know it’s time consuming sometimes, stressful ,etc. but listen if you can’t find a good job related to the field of your business you are not losing anything in fact you are gaining some experience on your field and on how a company run from the inside if you have a good boss you can ask him some tips or he can become your mentor and you can make a lot of contacts as long as you don’t lose your goals it can be a good experience

This were some side hustle for entrepreneurs they are many others mainly online but we will not talk about them on this post so stay tuned