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Start as an entrepreneur #3


The eyes of an entrepreneur are different of those of a regular person, where a regular person sees a 10$ worth of lemons and entrepreneur sees a 100$ worth of lemonade or a 5$ bar of iron an entrepreneur sees 3500$ worth of needles. Opportunity recognition is one of the most important part of entrepreneurship so let’s see what to do too start spotting them.

1 - Actually look for an opportunity

Have you ever notice that when you think about a specific car in the traffic you start seeing that car everywhere? It’s the same for opportunity once start looking for them you start see them. The fact is that most people are bling when it comes to opportunity because they don’t want to see them and the more they start getting comfortable with their 9-5 life and their responsibilities the blinder they get so the first step of recognizing opportunity is to look for them

2 – Do your researches

Our generation is so blessed with internet and social media the problem is that most people use it for porn or useless stuff that will only drive you back. You can go right now on google or YouTube and research business ideas or business opportunity and you will have literally thousands of propositions and ideas about any type of business. Knowledge is power be aware of that

3 - Perfection doesn’t exit

People waste too much time looking for perfection the perfect time the perfect idea the perfect way the perfect business but I dare you to name one thing that is perfect so go with flow when you find a good opportunity. Don’t think too much the more you wait the more someone else is susceptible to spot that opportunity and jump in before Betamax was better than Vhs but vhs was there first.

Opportunities are everywhere you just have to be willing to see them . most of the wealthiest people are rich because the are the best at recognizing opportunities so from today keep your eyes open