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Start as an entrepreneur #0

# what is an entrepreneur

According to the Harvard business school : " entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to the resources currently controlled . " but for us an entrepreneur is just someone who start a business as simple as that . Most people confuse an entrepreneur with a freelancer which is someone who do contract work . There are several myths about entrepreneurship like " you are born an entrepreneur " or " you have to be really intelligent to be an entrepreneur " most of them are not true like Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC who start his compagnie at 65 or Reid Hoffman the founder of LinkedIn who started at 35 . even though some people show early signs of entrepreneurship it is a skill an as a skill it can be improve . It's true that they are really smart an talented entrepreneur but the are also many less smart entrepreneur who succeed as well . there are much more important thing for entrepreneurship than intelligence or talent like perseverance (which is for me the most important thing for entrepreneurship) or confidence .