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How wealth is create

The most seeking thing in this Modern days is wealth let’s start by understand how wealth is create.

Imagine a world where there is no resources no internet no technology let's say a primitive world , in that primitive world lives Tom and Tom is a hunter but it not the best hunter so he can only catch one rabbit per day which is just as much as he need to survive.

One night after another long day of hard work Tom lay down and ask to himself for how much longer will he continue like that and started think about how he can improve his life . After a few hours he came up with a brilliant idea “what if something catch the rabbit for me ” so he decide to take the following day of work on his idea . Tom tries many mecanism and finally found one which implement his idea . At the end of the day Tom was exhausted and hungry but he was happy and proud of himself and he slept that night like he never slept before thinking about all the rabbits he will catch tomorrow . That following day Tom set his trap and went to hunt at the end of the day Tom had two rabbits one he catch himself and another one catch by the trap . that may not seem like a lot but Tom did grow his wealth by 100% that day and more than that it open a lot of possibilities for Tom he can decide to never hunt again and only set his trap everyday or he can decide to set many traps and store the the excess rabbits for worst time and he can use all that free time to find new ideas or to see if he have neighbors .

In this example we see that wealth come from self sacrifice and risk taking ,Tom under consume and took the risk that his idea might not work and he will go hungry all day producing the trap for nothing. In this case the rabbit he did not cash by working on his idea will be the saving the trap that he build is his capital and the one rabbit/day provides by the trap is the passive income.

Let’s take another example Maria is an immigrant from colombia and she came in the USA for a better life but the USA was not really the land paved with gold that she imagines and because of her condition she had a really time finding a job. Fortunately for her she was recruited as a nanny by a single dad to help him take care of his children and his home. For that work Maria begin to lives at the single dad home to take care of the family 24/7 and she was paid 25k/year . After 4 year in America Maria finally obtained a green card and all what goes with it . she has 4 years of savings which is 100k and decide to open a small retail store with it and hired someone to manage it while she still work at the single dad house . The following year she start building small duplexes with her salary and the money from the retail store . After 5 years Maria was now richer than the single man and didn’t need to work for him anymore she didn’t has to work at all anymore because her assets column was stacked. Obviously this is overly simplified but the general idea is that wealth is everywhere you just have to be fearless enough to grab an opportunity when it’s knock at your door