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Business idea N°1


If you for an easy to start business this may be the one for you and atm machine business is basically you placing atm where an atm is needed. This is one of the most easy business to setup and it's start to pay almost instantly

How to start

To start an atm business you have to actually buy the atm machine (who would have thought). At first the important thing here is to remember to always buy a new atm, you can buy a used one on craigslist or wherever and next thing you know the data of your clients are stolen or the machine is always down and it cost you more money than it generate and you don’t want none of that. You can find a good atm supplier online and the good thing is that the supplier provide you a back office as well which is basically the feedback of the state of you atm machine (how much is left in the atm ) and all the transactions that have happened in a period of time. A new atm machine can cost you from 2k to 2.5k$ and can hold up to 200k$. The big question now is how much do you need to get started? Before buying that atm you actually need a place with big traffic, a place like a grocery store, a mall or a night club and it is only when you secure a big traffic place that you buy the atm machine. Remember that the money cashed out is only recycle which means that in order to withdraw their money they send the same amount in your account which mean that when the atm is out of cash you can go take that money at your bank and put it back in to your atm. Let’s say you charge around 1 to 3 k$ in the atm that means the total setup cost for the atm business is around 3k to 5.5k$ according to your means.

How much can I make of that

First of all, remember to always put your machine in places with high traffic like supermarkets, night clubs or bars. Let’s take the example of a grocery store the transaction count which is the number of transaction per period of time is 2k/day for a smaller successful grocery store and the average conversion of an atm in a grocery store is 4% of all the transaction made in that store that’s 80 transactions made on you atm they average price of a transaction is 3,20$ minus the 0.20$ as transaction fee that’s 3$ a transaction. They business owner of that store may request a part of the profit of that atm maybe 25% so on average you make 2.25$ per transaction that’s 180$/day minus 15% taxes (because is a business and the government need a piece of that breed) you can potentially make 153$/day and 4590/month on only one atm that’s is some good money right there

That was the first of a new series call business ideas to help you take action because there are so many business model out there and I am sure that at least one will fit you perfectly